Keys and covers

Water supply keys and covers are used to open and close water supply fittings such as flange gate valves, wellhead valves or gate valves for house connections (threaded). Their construction and design make it possible to operate the assortment over ground. Due to their simplicity they are a reliable and very practical product range. They are made of cast iron, steel and PEHD elements. On request the steel parts can be galvanized.

Are you looking for an effective assortment at a moderate price, but also for years. You have come to the right place.

Our keys and covers are a guarantee of the highest quality, controlled at various stages of production. Consequently, they reach the customer “ready” to work in the prepared “trench” on the water supply system.

Purchase, install, let it work for years.

Overground hydrant key

Spotting drill wrench

Valve wedge cover