Zakład Produkcyjny Armatury Przemysłowej

The creating of AKWA company is connected with political-economical changes which began in Poland on the turn of 80s and 90s of the previous century. These changes, as a consequence, included in their reach the whole middle-eastern European block.

In 1990 in historic Gniezno, the first capital of Poland, three employees of the municipal water-system enterprise and a young polytechnic graduate, using their knowledge of the market and their constructing skills, decided to put their intentions into practice.

It was so that on 21st December 1990 Zakład Produkcyjny Artmatury Przemysłowej AKWA s.c. (Industrial Fittings Production Enterprise AKWA civil company) came to being.

Innovative constructional solutions along with growing market requirements caused a dynamic development of Europe’s newest producer of water-system fittings.

evelopment of Europe’s newest producer of water-system fittings. The seat of the company changes three times, and the number of employees systematically grows. New products – not known till then – are created. This would be the shortest comment as to the first decade of AKWA’s functioning.

The twenty first century brings about the change of the legal form, the acquisition of ISO 9001 and change of the way of managing the company. Since December 2000 the company’s full name is: Zakład Produkcyjny Armatury Przemysłowej AKWA Sp. z o.o. (Industrial Fittings Production Enterprise AKWA Ltd.)

Undertaken investments are directed towards new production technologies positively effecting the parameters of produced fittings.

Grounded position on the local market of water-systems and the quality of the products increases the interest of foreign customers. AKWA passes borders winning more and more new customers in most countries of the new Europe.

Today the word AKWA is inseparably associated with water-sewage systems of proper quality, with friendly service and with a modern company having promising future.