Quality policy

Z.P.A.P. AKWA Sp. z o. o. in Gniezno

The Company’s Management Board has established a Quality Policy, the basic principles of which are binding on all employees. Our success on the market depends on how our customers perceive our products in relation to their requirements, expectations and the competition’s offers.

To achieve continuous customer satisfaction and profitability, the company assumes that:

  • only products that will be appreciated by customers by effectively meeting their needs and expectations, taking into account applicable standards and regulations, may be offered and sold,
  • continuous improvement of processes and products will result in a reduction in the percentage of defects and the number of complaints,
  • the company’s competitive position on the industrial fittings market will be systematically strengthened and consolidated.

Meeting quality goals is possible by observing the following quality policy principles:

  • Meeting quality goals is possible by complying with the following quality policy principles: meeting customer requirements/expectations and legal requirements is our priority,
  • high quality of work and products is the main task of all employees,
  • it is important to constantly improve production and control processes, means of production and infrastructure,
  • the key to effective functioning is continuous training of employees to strengthen the awareness of their role and responsibility in shaping the company’s image, as well as communicating and raising awareness of the policy and specific goals at all levels of management and for all functions,
  • we care about ecology, proper working environment and employee satisfaction.

Responsibility for quality is distributed to each employee through a deliberate division of tasks and authorities. The guarantee of compliance with the basic principles of quality policy is applied, developed and constantly improved.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which secures the future of the company.