Flange valves

Wedge flange valves are one of the most common ways to shut off the flow of fluids in a system. They are not used to regulate the flow. Rotating movement of the spindle (stem) causes movement of vulcanised wedge, opening or closing of the given section of pipeline. They are operated by a hand wheel. Soft sealing gate valves can be made of grey or ductile cast iron. They are available with replaceable or non-replaceable stem sealing. Each of our products is covered with an anti-corrosion protective layer – epoxy paint. Spheroidal cast iron wedge with a hot-dipped brass knuckle, non-replaceable. Assembly is carried out in a horizontal position on a previously cut off section of the network.

Attention to every detail puts our flanged gate valves on a pedestal among the proposals available on the European market.

Flange gate valve replaceable stem F4

Flange gate valve replaceable stem F5

Flange gate valve F4

Flange gate valve F5

Flange valve wedge destined for electromechanical drive F4/F5