Tap hydrants

Drinking water tap hydrants made of the highest quality materials. We have stainless steel column tap hydrants, ornamental old-town tap hydrants made of aluminium, cast-iron Pawełek tap hydrants, and standard street version also made of cast-iron. Each option is designed to fit aesthetically into the particular architecture of the place where they are to be used. The modern columnar is mainly used in places with New Town architecture. The ornamental, old-town column will fit best in parts of the city with old-town architecture. Pawełek, reminiscent of a boy’s figure, will find its place near kindergartens, schools, but also on promenades, in old towns or near offices. And the last one in our offer is a standard street version, to be used practically in every possible place.

We invite you to take a look at our offer for drinking water tap hydrants.

Column public tap hydrant

Pawełek public tap hydrant

Retro decorative tap hydrant

Public tap hydrant