Pressure spotting apparatuses

Pressure spotting apparatus

  • Type 601

The apparatus in its basic version is used for drilling pipelines made of steel, cast iron, asbestos-cement or plastic. Drilling can be carried out under full pressure. The entire unit is housed in a capacious metal box.


Thread a suitable drill or cutter onto the stem of the drilling apparatus according to the pipeline material.
Mount the drilling unit together with the fibre seal on the fitting.
Drill the hole by rotating the steel shank with a ratchet spanner and moving the brass screw with a wheel until it reaches a noticeable resistance.
Check the drilling with a drain valve.
After making the hole in order to withdraw the drill bit from the working space of the water fitting, remove the brass screw completely, at the same time pulling the stem to the stop while continuing to turn it clockwise.
Close the fitting.
Screw out the drilling unit.


  • ratchet braces wheel
  • head G 2′
  • head G 1 1/2′
  • head G 1 1/4′
  • core drill 24
  • core drill 32
  • core drill 44
  • core cutter for PVC and PE 24
  • core cutter for PVC and PE 32
  • core cutter for PVC and PE 45
  • stopcock and venting hose
  • gaskets
  • metal box