Pipe joint

  • Type 4000
  • Working pressure PN16
  • Ductile cast iron GJS 500-7
  • Diameters DN50 – DN300
  • Temp. max. 40°C – for water

Water pipe coupling for cast iron, steel, asbestos cement and PVC pipes made entirely of ductile iron GJS 500-7 and covered with high quality epoxy resin anti-corrosion coating. Mainly used for water pipe connections.


National Hygiene Institute Warsaw.


Flanged connection for pipe and flange joint according to PN-EN 1092-2.


  • The couplings make it possible to connect pipes with angular deviation up to 4° / both sides – RR coupling, one side – RK coupling.
  • Gasket in coupling nominal diameter.
  • DN allows for connecting pipes within a certain range of external diameters Dz.
  • Coupling material – ductile iron grade EN-GJS 500-7. EN- GJS 500-7
  • Seal made of EPDM rubber.
  • Connection of cover and body in pipe couplings made by separate bolts for each side.
  • Full anticorrosive protection inside and outside with epoxy powder paint, coating thickness min. 250µm. Resistant to 3 kV.