Pawełek public tap hydrant

  • Type 3460
  • Working pressure PN10
  • Ductile cast iron GJS 500-7
  • Temp. max. 40°C – for water

The Pawełek drinking water tap hydrant is made entirely of ductile cast iron and covered with an excellent anti-corrosion coating based on epoxy resin with an anti-graffiti varnish. Used as a point of intake of water from the water mains. Tap hydrant Pawełek fits perfectly into the architecture of villages and cities, on promenades, squares, parks, and wherever there are lots of children, i.e. at kindergartens, schools, playgrounds. It informs and educates from an early age that we should take care of our common future, which is drinking water. The common good is our good.


National Hygiene Institute Warsaw.


  • Structure of the sprinkler made of ductile cast iron of EN-GJS 500-7 grade.
  • Elements in contact with water are made of corrosion resistant materials
  • Connection to mains 1/2″.
  • The water outlet in the sprinkler is regulated by a pressure reducer.
  • Connection to the mains using 1/2″ braided hose.
  • The spout is activated mechanically by pressing the valve.
  • Used water should be discharged into the ground or sewage system.
  • Full anticorrosive protection inside and outside with min. 250 µm, resistant to 3kV and UV radiation. Additionally painted with a base paint (mix of colours) and protected with anti-graffiti varnish.

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