Control and industrial armature

Armatura regulująca i przemysłowa typu klapy burzowe, przepustnice, zasuwy nożoweAKWA

Control and industrial armature are used in many industries. They are used in the wood processing industry, sugar industry, horticulture, water supply, shipbuilding, heating and many others. Check valves, knife gate valves and butterfly valves are mainly used to control the flow of water, sewage, but also aggressive liquids. Slip-overs and skids, on the other hand, are used to seal the space between the casing pipe and carrier pipe. Control and industrial armature also include storm flaps, anti-contamination valves, sediment traps, suction baskets and other filters.

Depending on the selected product range, the products are designed to operate in varying ambient conditions, temperature, often with the possibility of using manual or electric actuators. Different material versions depending on your needs.

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