NWZ NT water pipeline spotting drill for cast iron and AC pipes with replaceable stem

Type 1500

Working pressure PN16

Gate valve ductile iron GJS 500-7

Clamp stainless steel

Diameters DN80 – DN300

Outlets 32mm, 40mm, 50mm

Temp. max. 40°C – for water



NWZ water pipeline spottin drill for cast iron, steel and asbestos cement pipes mainly used in water supply systems to drill under pressure with drilling apparatus and coated with best quality epoxy resin anti-corrosion coatings.


National Institute of Hygiene Warsaw.


Threaded connection acc. to PN-EN 228-1.
Requirements and tests according to PN-EN 1074 – 1 and 2

  • Universal foot design for two diameter ranges DN80-100 and DN150-300.
  • Integrated with a gate valve cat.-no 2655, 2665, 2675.
  • Gate valve stem sealing may be replaced under full pressure in any position of the wedge.
  • Outlets with threads G 1 1/4″, G 1 1/2″ and G 2″.
  • Can be installed on steel, cast iron and AC pipes.
  • Triple sealing system of the stem: upper scraper seal, set of 5 o-rings (including 4 inside and outside the screw), lower lip seal.
  • Gate valve body, bonnet, wedge and foot with internal thread made of ductile cast iron grade EN-GJS 500-7.
  • Foot with internal thread made of ductile cast iron grade EN-GJS 500-7.
  • Stainless steel clamp lined with rubber, forged stainless steel T-bolt with rolled thread.
  • Stainless steel stem with cold rolled thread, without notches in the sealing zone, which allows the use of o-rings in the screw.
  • Wedge suspension nut on the stem – non-replaceable, made of brass, hot-poured in the gate valve wedge.
  • Wedge made of spheroidal cast iron, vulcanized inside and outside with EPDM rubber, hardness 70±5°Sh. guided in the body of the gate valve using the keyway method.
  • Foot seal with trapezoidal cross section is made of EPDM rubber, other seals are made of NBR rubber.
  • Screws connecting the cover with the body – blind threads, fully protected against corrosion with paraffin-wax compound.
  • Internal and external protection against corrosion with epoxy powder paint RAL 5005 with thickness of min. 250μm and resistance to flashover 3kV.

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“Nawiertka wodociągowa NWZ NT PN16 do rur żeliwnych, stalowych i AC - 1500” PDF, 424 KB

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“Nawiertki typu NWZ” PDF, 89 KB