Two-flange knee Q

The Q two-flange knees are used in water pipelines construction to change the direction of the collar pipe by the angle of 90°, and to outlet the pipeline to the surface.


Drinking water up to maximum 40°C.


The State Hygiene Institute in Warsaw.

Flange terminals

according to PN-EN 1092-2


Gray cast iron of the GJL-250 type or spheroidal of the GJS 500-7 type.

Anti-corrosion protection:

Gray cast iron- INERTOL BS10 (bituminous coating).
spheroidal cast iron paint application 250 μm thick and 3 kV puncture resistant.

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“Kolano dwukołnierzowe Q” PDF, 652 KB

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“Kształtki z żeliwa szarego” PDF, 78 KB

Download declaration of performance
“Kształtki z żeliwa sferoidalnego” PDF, 79 KB