Public tap hydrant

Type 3450/3451

Working pressure PN10

Grey cast iron GJL 250

Ductile cast iron GJS 500-7

Temp. max. 40°C – for water



Drinking water tap hydrant made entirely of grey cast iron or ductile cast iron and covered with high quality epoxy resin anti-corrosion coating. Used as a water intake point from the water mains. This spring fits perfectly into the architecture of the village and the city on promenades, squares, parks and streets.


National Institute of Hygiene Warsaw.

  • Body, head, bowl, bottom body of the spring made of grey cast iron grade EN-GJL250 or ductile cast iron grade EN-GJS 500-7.
  • Suction pipe and spout made of galvanised or stainless steel.
  • Nozzle, nozzle sleeve and sealing ring made of brass.
  • EPDM rubber seals.
  • Connection to mains – 3/4″ thread.
  • Assembly in vertical position.
  • Before installing the condenser on the system, the inlet opening should be cleared by cutting a hole in the seal (22) and the steam trap screw (32) should be removed by screwing in a drain hose.
  • When closing the shut-off, the casing pipe is automatically drained.
  • Full anticorrosive protection inside and outside with epoxy powder paint with coating thickness min. 250µm. Resistant to 3 kV and UV radiation.

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