Public tap hydrant PN10


Drinking water maximum 40°C.


the State Hygiene Institute in Warsaw.

Materials and significant construction features:
  1. Body, head, dish, lower well body EN-GJL250 grey cast iron
  2. Suction pipe with outlet – galvanised steel
  3. Nozzle, nozzle sleeve and sealing ring CuZn39Pb2 brass
  4. Sealing NBR gum
  5. Connection to water network 1″ thread
  6. Assembly in horizontal position.

Before the assembly of the well on the installation it is necessary to make the inlet opening permeable by making an opening in the gasket (21) and to screw out the draining unit screw (30) screwing in the draining hose. While closing the well the casing pipe drainage takes place automatically. The whole protected against corrosion outer elements – with powder EP paint application 250 μm thick and 3 kV puncture resistant and UV radiation resisted.

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