Pressure spotting apparatus


Spotting of pipelines made of steel, cast iron, asbestos-cement or plastic. The spotting may be performed under full pressure.

Drilling apparatus manual:
  1. Screw in an appropriate drill or cutter on the drilling apparatus mandrel suitable for the material of the pipe-line material.
  2. Mount the apparatus with a fibre gasket onto the fitting.
  3. Drill the opening with turning movement of steel mandrel with a ratchet spanner and with plain motion of brass screw with a wheel till resistance is felt.
  4. Check the hole with a draining valve.
  5. After the hole is made, in order to withdraw the drill from working area of water fitting, screw out completely the brass screw, at the same time pulling the mandrel till resistance turning it in the right direction.
  6. Close the fitting.
  7. Screw out the drilling apparatus.
  • kółko aparatu
  • klucz a grzechotką
  • głowica G 2′
  • głowica G 1 1/2′
  • głowica G 1 1/4′
  • wiertło koronkowe 24
  • wiertło koronkowe 32
  • wiertło koronkowe 44
  • frez to PVC i PE 24
  • frez to PVC i PE 32
  • frez to PVC i PE 45
  • kranik i wężyk odpowietrzający
  • uszczelki

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