PN10/PN16 valve wedge with inner and outer-inner thread


Water intended for human consumption.


The State Hygiene Institute in Warsaw.

Technical data

Working pressure PN16.

Max. temp 40°C.
Threaded connection according to PN-ISO 228-1.
Maximum torque closure MOT=1xDN [Nm].
Requirements and tests according to PN-EN 1074 – 1 and 2.
Design features

Full, smooth culvert, free of depressions.
Wedge nut fixed, no backlash, preventing vibration of wedge during operation of the bolt.
Non-rising stem made of stainless steel with rolled thread, secured with a resistance nut.
Wedge vulcanized inside and outside with a rubber compound, suitably shaped and secured against rotation with rails.
Brass screw plug with multiple sealing, placed in the cover secured against unscrewing. Stem wedge seal can be replaced under pressure, at any wedge position.
Cover screws are recessed and sealed with a hot mass and protected against corrosion.
Internal and external protection against corrosion with epoxy powder paint RAL 5005 with a thickness of 250μm and puncture resistance of 3kV.

Download catalogue card
“Zasuwa klinowa z gwintem wewnętrznym i zewnętrzno-wewnętrznym PN16 z wymiennym uszczelnieniem trzpienia - 2600” PDF, 906 KB

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“Zasuwy klinowe z gwintami” PDF, 86 KB