NWZ water pipeline spotting drill for PVC and PE pipes

Type 1300

Working pressure PN16

Gate valve grey cast iron GJL 250

Clamp ductile cast iron GJS 500-7

Diameters DN90 – DN160

Outlets 40mm, 50mm

Temp. max. 40°C – for water



NWZ water supply spottting drill for PVC and PE pipes is mainly used in water supply systems to drill under pressure using a drilling jig and coated with the best quality epoxy resin anti-corrosion coatings.


National Institute of Hygiene Warsaw.


Threaded connection acc. to PN-EN 228-1.
Requirements and tests according to PN-EN 1074 – 1 and 2

  • Drilling under pressure with a drilling device.
    Foot integrated with threaded gate valve cat.-no. 2630, 2640.
  • Outlets with thread G11/2″ and G2″.
  • Can be assembled on PVC and PE pipes.
  • Stem sealing with three o-rings.
  • Body and cover made of grey cast iron EN-GJL 250 grade.
  • Foot with internal thread and clamp made of ductile cast iron EN-GJS 500-7 lined with rubber.
  • Stainless steel stem with cold rolled thread.
  • Wedge suspension nut on the stem – non-replaceable, made of brass, hot-poured in the gate valve wedge.
  • Wedge made of spheroidal cast iron, vulcanized inside and outside with EPDM rubber with hardness of 70±5°Sh.
  • Screws connecting the cover with the body – blind threads, fully protected against corrosion with paraffin-wax compound.
  • Internal and external protection against corrosion with epoxy powder paint RAL 5005 with thickness of min. 250μm and resistance to flashover 3kV.

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“Nawiertka wodociągowa NWZ/PE PN16 do rur PVC i PE - 1300” PDF, 433 KB

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“Nawiertki typu NWZ” PDF, 89 KB