Flange gate valve F4

Type 2300

Working pressure PN10/PN16

Ductile cast iron GJS 500-7 or

Grey cast iron GJL 250

Diameters DN50 – DN150

Temp. max. 40°C – for water

Temp. max. 70°C – for other fluids



Soft sealing flanged gate valve made of ductile or grey cast iron in short housing and covered with top quality epoxy resin anti-corrosion coating. Used mainly in water supply systems, waste water systems and systems for other chemically inert liquids (applies to DN50).


National Institute of Hygiene Warsaw


Flanged connection according to PN-EN 1092-2.
Installation length according to PN-EN 558+A1.
Maximum closing torque MOT=1xDN [Nm].
Requirements and tests according to PN-EN 1074 – 1 and 2
Industrial valves PN-EN 1171


  • Full, smooth and cavity-free passage.
  • Non-rising stainless steel stem with cold rolled thread.
  • Stem sealing with three o-rings
  • Bottom washer made of polyamide PA6, which is a sliding washer to secure the low-friction bearing of the spindle.
  • Body and cover made of ductile cast iron EN-GJS 500-7 or grey cast iron EN-GJL 250.
  • Wedge made of ductile cast iron, vulcanized inside and outside with EPDM or NBR rubber, hardness 70±5°Sh. guided in guides being an integral part of the gate body.
  • Wedge suspension nut on the stem – non-replaceable, made of brass, hot-dipped in the wedge of the gate valve.
  • Static seals made of EPDM rubber, dynamic seals made of NBR rubber.
  • Screws connecting the cover with the body – blind threads, fully protected against corrosion with paraffin-wax compound.
  • Internal and external protection against corrosion with epoxy powder paint RAL 5005, thickness min. 250um and puncture resistance 3kV

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