DN80 PN16 overground hydrant secured in case it breaks with double closing – Type C – cast-iron column – PAWEŁEK


To using water for fire-fighting and communal max 40°C.


the State Hygiene Institute in Warsaw. The Józefów Fire Protection Research Cente near Warsaw. EC Conformity Certificate EC Certificate.

Significant construction characteristics:
  1. Full inner and outer anti-corrosion security through powder EP paint application 250 μm thick and 3 kV puncture resistant and UV radiation resisted.
  2. Upper, bottom and ball body and underwater column made of GJS-500-7 ductile cast iron, mandrel made of stainless steel.
  3. Ball valve as an additional security in case of the hydrant’s damage
  4. Divided column connected with flanges makes it possible to turn the upper body and quick repair in case the hydrant breaks.
  5. Mandrel pipe secured against damage in case the hydrant breaks.
  6. Hydrant piston and the ball of the ball valve galvanized with EPDM or NBR gum of 70 Sh hardness.
  7. Brass hydrant nut with trapeze thread.
  8. Roots and root covers of hydrant made cast iron. .
  9. Hydrant closing done by piston co-operating With pilot sleeve.
  10. Drainage takes place at the moment of complete closing of the hydrant.

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“Hydrant nadziemny DN80 PN16 zabezpieczony w przypadku złamania z podwójnym zamknięciem typ C kolumna żeliwna PAWEŁEK - 3300” PDF, 1 MB

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“Hydrant przeciwpożarowy nadziemny PAWEŁEK zabezpieczony w przypadku złamania z podwójnym zamknięciem DN80 PN16 HNŁP-80/Obr/A typ C” PDF, 95 KB

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“Hydrant Nadziemny PAWEŁEK DN80 PN16 zapezpieczony w przypadku złamania z podwójnym zamnięciem” PDF, 188 KB