DN80 PN10 underground hydrant


Drinking water and other non-aggressive fluids up to maximum 40°C.


the State Hygiene Institute in Warsaw. The Józefów Fire Protection Research Cente near Warsaw. EC Conformity Certificate EC Certificate.

Materials and significant construction characteristics:
  1. Full inner and outer anti-corrosion security through powder EP paint application 250 μm thick and 3 kV puncture resistant
  2. Upper and valve chamber made of GJL250 grey cast iron or spheroidal cast iron type 500-7, column made of steel, galvanised steel, grey cast iron or spheroidal cast iron, mandrel made of stainless steel.
  3. Hydrant piston galvanised with EPDM or NBR gum of 70 Sh hardness.
  4. Brass hydrant nut with trapeze thread.
  5. Hydrant closing done by piston co-operating with pilot sleeve.
  6. Drainage takes place at the moment of complete closing of the hydrant.

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“Hydrant podziemny DN80 PN10 - 3500/3600” PDF, 995 KB

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“Hydrant przeciwpożarowy podziemny z podwójnym zamknięciem DN80 PN16 HPP-80” PDF, 90 KB

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“Hydrant Podziemny DN80 PN16 z podwójnym zamknięciem” PDF, 640 KB