NEW PRODUCT – Water Sample Well

We would like to introduce a new product – water sample well. Quality, precision and innovation of workmanship is waht distinguisehs us. Currentlu we supply to MPWIK Sp. z Bydgoszcz

Cechy konstrukcyjne
  • Body and cover made of polyvinyl chloride protected against freezing with 300mm EPS plug. As an additional option, the manhole may be close with a DN600 cast iron manhole calss B125, C250 or D400.
  • Diameter of DN500 and height of 1600mm.
  • Bottom perforated for drainage of discharged water.
  • Faucet supply made of spiral twisted steel pipes resistant to atmospheric factors.
  • Drainage valve for the entire system in the lower part of the raised console.
  • Anti-contamination valve DN25 to prevent contamination.
  • Brass faucet equipped with a stainless steel firing tube with a diameter of 15mm and length of 80mm.
  • Posiibility of stable positioning of the extended system on the edge of the well in order to draw water without using hands.

We invite you to take a closer look at our product page.

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