Iron foundry

AKWA iron foundry was established in 2004 together with a modern powder paint shop. Founding experience, extensive machine park and qualified staff is what characterizes us. We make casts on request and individually approach each customer both at home and abroad.

The foundry is equipped with two induction furnaces and is under ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

We manufacture gray iron castings – EN-GJL200 and EN-GLJ250 and ductile iron castings – EN-GJS 500-7. In year 2008 AKWA did a great investment purchasing the biggest automatic molding machine in Europe. That is American Hunter machine with sizes: 610mm x 762mm (mould) and 585mm (height).

The investment has increased production range and possibilities. It also allows making castings very precisely with complicated shapes.

The Foundry manufactures vast number of castings for own needs and also delivers them to many countries, especially for car manufacturers, agricultural and heavy industry.

The cores are prepared in the technologies:

  • method of core cold box hardened CO2,
  • method of core hot box.

The raw castings are fettled from remains of the moulding sands and grinded. The sharp edges are grinded and remains of the gating system are removed. Castings can be cover by safety coatings.

The castings also go under heat treatment:

  • softening glow,
  • expansion glow.

Zakład Produkcyjny Armatury Przemysłowej AKWA Sp. z o.o. is equipped with the painting shop which works under the submerge and spraying method. There is a possibility to use the hydro diluted and soluble paints with one or two components (types and colours of coating according to the individual coordination with a customer). We can also cover castings with the epoxy coating submerging or spraying. All RAL colours are available and the tickness of paint is between 250 µm and 400 µm.

Zakład Produkcyjny Armatury Przemysłowej AKWA Sp. z o.o. has got own laboratory where the castings are submitting under the following inspections:

  • dimensions,
  • chemical composition – spectrometric method,
  • mechanical property – strength tests,
  • hardness.

We issue material approvals for the delivered castings to the extent agreed with the customer.

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